Pohoda Festival →2013

︎  Agency: Milk
︎  Client: Pohoda Festival
︎  Graphic Design / Merch Design

As a part of the Milk design studio, based in Bratislava, I was responsible for huge amount of visuals for the Pohoda Festival - 2013. Apart from preparing some of the official posters, I've also created a lot of related visuals, like entry wristbands, citylights, billboards, stage graphics, toilets & showers visuals, stickers, postcards, badges, navigation or the official Line-Up Info Guide / Bulletin. This was a team project with around 3-4 designers working on it intensively for about 4-6 months. Art Direction by Martin Kahan — KHN

Posters / Main Visuals ︎︎︎

Pohoda 2013 TV spots︎︎︎

How Pohoda festival looks like. Aftermovie from last year. ︎︎︎